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  1. Linwig

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    I'm new here, and after losing my husband 4 years ago and my son 3 years ago, I have found myself still struggling with the reality of these losses. I miss them terribly, and I have good days...even weeks, and then a family event comes up and the emptiness slaps me in the face again. Life isn't the same and never will be, but I don't seem to be able to find that happy place in me anymore. Sometimes venting is helpful. I won't give up.
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  2. griefic

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    It can be helpful, and I'm glad you've found a place to do it. So sorry for your losses and the continued struggle. I don't think the grief ever really goes away, and there will be some times that are harder than others. There are people here who understand and I hope you are able to make some connections and find the support you need. Please take care~
  3. Irene

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    I'm so sorry for the double loss! I lost my husband five years ago and I can't even imagine what losing a child now would do to me. I still struggle with my loss....I miss him terribly! Since he's been gone I've gone through one major surgery and two falls that left me with a dislocated shoulder requiring surgery and therapy and a broken nose. Now I need a knee replacement and all this has left me so depressed and alone. He was my rock and support and always took care of things. Now I have to find ways to get my 95year old mom and my dogs and cats taken care of. This sucks!
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    I feel very much the same. Lost my husband 2 years ago and the sadness is relentless. I miss him so terribly. It seems like I've just been getting through the days since he died. Don't know if this is depression or what. Feel like I need some structure and have tried so many things and now I'm getting tired. I too will keep trying....