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    I just joined this group like 10 minutes ago. I've had 3 major losses this year and it completely crippled me. In February, my aunt had a stroke out of nowhere and died two days later. It hit me hard but after a while, I pushed forward. Then in May, my stepmom died of sepsis. We had no idea that she even had it. It blindsided us. And then in August, my grandmother died of double pnuemonia. That's when I went downhill. She was my rock, my strength, my best friend. Yes, she was in her 80s but none of us were ready. I am already manic depressive so dealing with these losses are especially hard. My boyfriend doesn't deal with grief at all so he doesn't get it. I've tried to vent to him and grief but he just tells me to get over it. So I grief quietly, by myself. Yea the rest of my family is grieving as well but I feel alone. I've talked to them about it but I feel like I'm brushed off. I just need someone to understand and help me. I can't do this alone. And I feel like I'll never be any better.
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    GotAngelzInTheSky, I'm sorry for all your losses and all you're going through and I understand that it doesn't make it any easier when you don't feel you're getting the right support. Unfortunately it's very common to feel this way, and I've addressed these issues in some of our blogs. I'm including two here that I think may make for a helpful read. The first is about disenfranchised grief: This can help explain why some grievers feel their loss isn't being validated by those around them. The second relates more to your relationship:, and perhaps give you some insight of what your boyfriend is thinking or feeling. I'm glad you've come to us for help, and please know we're here to provide you with support for anything that you need.